Recruitment of permanent staff

For specialists or versatile generalists in the administration and tertiary sectors, Interiman can recruit the talent you need to enhance your workforce. We follow a range of different approaches according to your company profile, your preferred search strategy. The level of urgency and confidentiality involved, the type of profile you’re looking for and the market situation will all be key factors in our approach.


Selection of candidates

We carry out an in-depth selection process on your applicants, in terms of educational qualifications, technical skills and people skills (current, demonstrated or potential). In a series of interviews, we assess the match between the actual requirements, our client’s expectations and the skills of our applicants. We undertake to provide all our clients with comprehensive dossiers following a rigorous selection process, individual interviews and other validation processes such as tests or obtaining references. Our aim and our approach is to present you with applicants who are a perfect match to your expectations. We draw up a personal profile comprising the applicant’s education history, their language skills, their career to date, their achievements, their main personal attributes and their availability for recruitment. This interview report is accompanied by a comprehensive dossier (CV, certificates, degree certificates).

Our approach will therefore be tailored to your specific requirements: a search in our database, at agency or group level, publication of targeted advertisements, searches via professional social networks, direct approach (head-hunting).